Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Matterhorn Fail, but Whitney's on the Horizon

So 2 weekends ago I attempted to climb the california matterhorn, but due to level 3 (of 5) avalanche danger I didn't even make it past 8,000 ft. But some of the good news is I got great avalanche training and awareness and great winter camping experience. It was pretty darn cold while I was climbing the daytime high was in the low teens and the night time low was -4 degrees. Thankfully my gear performed great I was warm all the time except for my toes because i got snow in my boots.... I think I got a bit of frost nip because right before my toes were a tad pale and i could not feel them until i used my hands to warm them up. Even more good news is I will be heading back up to Bridgeport for either a 2nd shot at the mountain this month or next month or a advanced snow and basic ice climbing class AND I may climb Mt. Baldy this weekend AND I'm climbing San Gorgonio on the 19th. So I have an exciting month coming up. Best of all I just got my permit to climb Mt. Whitney this june 4 days after I graduate. Even more exciting is I will have a famous mountaineer go with me. He once held the record for the fastest ascent of the 50 high points in the USA this includes Denali and Rainier and Whitney and he did it alone. So I will be in good hands for those of you who worry about me. So although I failed my most recent summit attempt there is still much more to come and the journey is still just getting started.

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